How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

Planning to participate in Olympics? Want to gain an exposure as an athlete on online platforms? If you are planning big and you do not know where to start, getting on Wikipedia would be the best option. When aiming to increase your online recognition, you need to pay attention to aspects that can speed up the process and give you the kind of exposure you want. Wikipedia is the first platform that can help you get that in no time.

Why Wikipedia For Athlete?

Before you learn about how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete you need to know the significance of using the platform for your goals. Wikipedia is one of the second most visited site on Google. It has over 1.17 billion contributors who belong to many different regions of the world.

The platform has its well defined policies and instructions that everyone has to follow. You cannot wish to be on it without following its instructions that covers almost every area of the page. You need to know the policies regarding research and content creation to citation and formatting.

As Wikipedia is easily accessible and offers content in more than 300 different languages it provides an avenue to interact with your target audience. It helps the users to reach out to their market and communicate with them in a neutral and informative tone.

Wikipedia lets contributors share valuable insights related to their industry and cover subjects in detail. It’s a freely editable platform so that anyone can make a Wikipedia page for an athlete. If you look into its directories you will find highly informative pages all formatted well to garner attention. These pages are SEO optimized so they take up the leading positions in the search engine.

How to Make A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

The Wikipedia page creation process is a bit lengthy but the end result pays off your efforts. The moment you get your athlete page published on the platform you witness a growth in your recognition and visibility. So, let’s begin the process to create a Wikipedia page. The guide is effective for newbies and for professionals.

·         Wikipedia Policies For An Athlete Page

Wikipedia aims to provide a high quality and completely free information to the readers. The information should be neutral and reliable. As it’s an open source platform, it oblige the contributors to stick around the quality assurance guidelines. Here are the different policies to learn:

The Principle of Notability

When you create a Wikipedia page you need to understand the Principle of Notability. You have to pass a notability test that decides whether you should be allowed to be on the platform or not. The notability test depends on three main factors:

  • Relevancy of the subject
  • References count
  • References quality

So, the first aspect is whether your subject fits the category you are aiming for. You need to check if you have picked the right subject for the kind of category you are about to cover. It will make your pass the relevancy phase.

The next thing is to check how many references are there of the athlete you are writing about. The person should be present on more than one or two sites or platforms. Depending on a single site to gain eligibility will end up in a fiasco.

Coming up next is the quality of your references. You should not rely on primary sources. The primary sources include self-publishing or self-owned platforms. Rather you have to go with secondary sources. You need to lay trust on platforms like The New York sites or Forbes that are highly regarded by every search engine.

In case your athlete does not have any notability online, you can get in touch with a professional SEO agency and seek out for their help. The professionals know how to build up the presence and increase the visibility organically. Moving on to the next policy.

Content Research

To carry out the research you need to make sure that your references are verifiable.  You must create a kind of content that can be checked and verified. You should not go for false or untrue information just to spice up the information.

Content Creation

The content creation guidelines are comprehensive. The main objective is to provide content to a wider audience, one who is new to the industry with little knowledge (immature audience) and the other one who are more knowledgeable (mature audience).

Your content should be valuable. Even if you are writing a lengthy page its information should be precise. No need to ad verbosity in it. You need to follow a non-promotional tone and voice to create the most impact. Your tone should be friendly but professional.

Moreover, never target the integrity of any person. There must not be any controversial aspect in the content. You should not go with the gossips travelling in the industry rather opt for facts and truths. The next most important aspect is vandalism.

Vandalism holds a significant important in the quality assurance guideline of the platform. According to which one must not target other published contributors. Wikipedia bans the account holders who indulge in such acts.

One important thing is to avoid verbosity. You need to make sure that your content is precise and engaging. It should not have any wordiness. There must be not any room for extra lengthy sentences.

·         Check the Uniqueness

The next step is to check the uniqueness of your subject. You must make sure that your subject is unique on Wikipedia. Now how to do that? Well, there is a Requested Article Search Box that is designed to check the availability of the topic. You have to type in your topic and press enter. The search box operates on two processes the Red Link Process and the Blue Link Process. If you get a Red Link, it means that the topic is available to cover; however, in case of Blue Link you can either look thoroughly for the aspect that hasn’t been covered or switch to another topic.

·         Begin Your Research

When you create a Wikipedia page you need to make sure that it is full of unique information. The page should be well researched. Now to gather information you must prefer highly credible sites and platforms. You should verify the information before adding them in your page. Get references of every information to use them at the time of citation. You can add credible and high traffic sites, newspaper references and even books and PDFs of reliable sources to gather information. It’s important to make sure that your information is verifiable. If it’s not your page will be deleted. Furthermore, do not add false or fake information.

·         Create the Page for an Athlete

Now that you have everything needed to begin working, it’s time for you to begin writing your page. What you need is to create a map for your readers. You need to create a journey for your target audience to give them a sort of route to grasp the information. Instead of bombarding everything on them, divide it into categories or sections.

Moreover, when it comes to sentence structures, you need to follow a precise style of writing. You have to make sure that your content is easy to comprehend. It should be interactive and engaging. Its tone should be friendly but formal. Never opt for creating a page that is full of jargons and technicalities. Even if there are any complicated aspects of information try to cite them and elaborate them to make the message easy to fathom.

The narration should be comprehensive. If you are covering the biography of the athlete you need to make sure that you begin from their early life to every stages that has a significant impact. You have to enter the right details from the place of birth to the date and family details. The readability should be proper. Your readers should like staying on the page and reading about the athlete.

The last aspect is that you must not try to create the page for yourself. Wikipedia does not favor self-creation as there is a chance of biased aspects. You may not be able to stay neutral with your tone and end up bragging high about yourself.

Similarly, one must check if he has any conflict of interest with the topic he is about to cover. In that case you will not be able to rightly elaborate anything or to talk good or neutral about that person because your opinions will come in the way. Personal opinions, perspectives and predictions, are all not allowed to be incorporated in a Wikipedia page.

·         SEO Optimization

When you create a page you wish to see it appears on the top for every search query. So, to make your page visible organically you need to invest your time and efforts in SEO optimization. What the first step is to search for most searched keywords. You have to look for high ranked keywords and phrases whether long or short tail to be indexed in your content. It will increase both the readability and the accessibility of your content.

You have to enter the right terminologies and avoid copying content from anywhere instead of writing it from scratch. Now when it comes to link building you have to make sure that you do not go for adding links to your direct site in the content. Instead use the external references section to add the links.

Wikipedia does not allow do-follow links therefore you cannot add your links easily. You have to seek out for the external link section to make it work. So, when you are all set up with your SEO practices you should head to learning about formatting the page this too include SEO tricks.

·         Format Your Wiki Page for an Athlete

To format your Wiki page you have to divide the content into different categories that starts from the basic biography moving towards the early education, careers, achievements, personal life and all the main stages of the athlete’s life. You can enter a section for his belief and preferences or anything that can tell more about what kind of a person he is.

You can use formatting tools like bullets, sub heading and taglines to further elaborate or emphasize your content. When you create sub heading you increase the traffic on your content and the likelihood that the readers will spend more time on the page. There comes little chances of bouncing back as even those who are distracted and restless readers get the chance to skim the content to look for the kind of information they want.

·         Add Citation

Next comes the citation part. You have to add proper citation in your content. You need to hunt for reliable references with complete details to cite in the page. There are several citation formats in the Wikipedia policies that you can choose from; however, the most common format is that of Harvard style referencing.

Through citation you add more weightage to your page and make it more credible. You can increase its reach and make it appear in top searches easily. Above all, citation is one of the most important clause in the Wikipedia polices.

·         Submitting the Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

As you are all set with the Wikipedia page creation now its time to throw the final look and proofread your document for submission. You need to thoroughly check if there are any flaws left behind. You need to make sure that every loophole is covered.

When you are sure about the document you need to head to your Wikipedia account and look for the option “create a page” around the left side of the page. Once you click the button a form will appear with the content box to upload the file and further upload the citation and images if you have.

It may take more than three to six months to get a response. You need to stay patients and once your page is published you will get a live link to access. After publishing you have to make sure that you are keeping a check on your Athlete page. You need to monitor the review change request your readers are making to keep the information fresh and updated.


Can you make a Wikipedia page about an athlete?

Yes, you can create a Wikipedia page for an athlete provided that the person is notable. He should have an online presence that is credible and authentic.

How famous does an athlete has to be to get a Wikipedia page?

To be on Wikipedia the athlete has a notability that accounts for more than one references links on credible platforms. The quality of references should be high and verifiable.

How soon the Wikipedia page for an athlete is published?

It may take up to months for a Wikipedia page to be reviewed. If there will be minor flaws, the editors will ask the account holder to review them. On the contrary, for major issues, the page may get deleted or rejected.

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