How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Author

Entice yourself to create a Wikipedia page for a book with this guide

We all have grown up entertaining ourselves with a bunch of books on the shelf, and definitely our top favourite authors being on the fingertips. But have you ever asked yourself if you know enough about those writers? They surely have played a pivotal role in redefining your personality. Today, you are being given a chance to know them only if you know how to create a Wikipedia page for an author. Remember, one always learns better when they are practically implying something.

Opt for Wikipedia for page creation of an Author or a Book

Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia on the internet. It has at least 321 language editions on their website and caters to a growing number of 1.7 Billion new website visitors every month! Isn’t the figure overwhelming? It sure is; but it is backed up with countless reasons. If you want to know how to create a Wikipedia page for an author, or how to create a Wikipedia page for a book, here is how Wikipedia can help you with your write-up.

●        Gaining reputation

First and foremost, if you want to be a part of the 56 Million articles, you need to struggle and strive for the best page. But once you earn that, you should know that you have got all that every writer of a book would want. It is because every time a person searches your name or your published book on the search bar, they will find your Wikipedia page, and remember this itself is an achievement.

●        Reliable profile

Unlike other social channels, Wikipedia is distinguishable in many ways. One of the promising elements of this digital platform is that it can be trusted because you will not find hundreds of fake pages of the similar subject on Wikipedia. Let’s say if you are looking for the book, “The Fault In Our Stars”, or the author “Paulo Coelho”, then there is no way you find numerous pages on each of these. And you will know about this once you get yourself verified through the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for an author.

●        Wider audiences

If you want to succeed on all grounds, your name has to be widespread to reach global recognition and this is possible through the access of a platform that abides by it. As previously mentioned, Wikipedia caters to several languages. This further expands the reach because regardless of the region, any author can make a page of their own if they know how to create a Wikipedia page for a book.

●        Minimum conflicts due to neutral tone

This abides strictly by all of the Wikipedia articles. If you check their guidelines, you will know that they have set this condition to refrain from all the issues that may revolve if the writing tone is biased or inconsiderate. Therefore, they choose to go for an unbiased way of addressing and delivering a message, or the purpose of an article.

A comprehensive Notability guide for an Author

To assess the subject’s potential on the web Wikipedia conducts rigorous research on the subject. For instance, if it’s an author, then checking their level of popularity is a must. This comprises, how many books they have written, and looking for external links other than their own personalized website. The following pointers will help you in understanding what you must include or should exclude in the write-up. Prior to that, you should carefully go through the following to see if you are a fit for their authors and writers section.

  • Being renowned for a significant ideology or a perception
  • Whether or not the body of work has been published
  • Recognized and impactful contribution
  • Nomination for their work
  • Won awards or any significant honors for their share in the industry

What Is the write-up of a Wikipedia page like for an author?

Now that you are aware of the prerequisite, your journey to see yourself on the top of search engines will be easy. However, if you wish to make it easier, you should know what you should include in your Wikipedia article. This will not only polish your portfolio but also save you lots of minutes on forming the most unique and personalized Wikipedia page. If you are an author, keep reading.


You cannot afford to ignore this part at all. It is because this is the first element people want to know about you. Where do you come from; what is your family background, and other areas of life are some of the very imperative questions to cater to. This is also one of the best ways to let your audience and desired fans know about you in the most realistic way because surely, all the data is reliable and this is an authentic way you let people know about you, fading all the rumors.


Being a writer, one has a robust career however, how you make up to that journey is important to be clear with your fans. No matter what profession you choose, when you stand out among the rest people are interested in knowing about a fruitful ride coming from your end. So this is what you include, take it as an informal way of communicating people in the form of curriculum vitae. You may also include your nominations and awards.

List of publications

This is the most noticeable area if you are looking from a Wikipedia volunteer’s perspective. It is now time to showcase you as an author. You can insert the links to the websites of your contributions that will direct the visitors to those pages and let them know about your achieved publications.

A wide Notability criteria for a Book

Since, you are now aware of the notability assessment that is a crucial step of how to create a Wikipedia page for a book. And why is it needed? To be fair, it is all about letting the world know about the person behind those captivating, and ground-breaking stories. Besides, the book genres are vast and wide so there has to be extra vigilance when one is preparing the article of their book on this platform. Here is what you should know before you begin.

  • The book must have an appropriate subject
  • The book should have reviews on publication websites
  • It may have won literary awards
  • It may be used as an educational tool in universities, colleges etc
  • Could also be significant in terms of its message
  • There are other considerations that include elements of the author

What you should include in Wikipedia article for a book

Now that the basics are done, let us shed light on the parameters that must be highlighted in an article of how to create a Wikipedia page for a book. Remember to keep these pointers aligned with what you should include in your write-up which will elevate the quality of your page and its content.


Characters are the pillars of a book, so there is no way you can skip these. Some Wikipedia pages of a book do not include this element on a large scale and only emphasize on the main characters; while others mention all the characters involved in it. And at the same time, this is a sufficient tool to let the visitors on your page know about the attributes of each, and their respective role in building the story.


When you hear of a book, isn’t genre the first thing clicking your mind? You may be the writer of a famous book but when you are making its Wikipedia page, the theme is the first thing that you should focus on. You should talk about the type so that it grabs attention and intrigues the readers who are in favor of reading a book like the one you are writing the page about.


Again, this could be the selling point of the book and the best thing is that all stories have a unique setting, and a distinctive twist. If you want, you can dedicate a wholesome section to the plot but you need to be very careful as you cannot reveal every aspect of the story which may not be a good decision. At the same time, leaving a little spark is necessary that will persuade the reader to get hands on your book


Some images of a book, let’s say the cover page may get famous perhaps because of the beautiful art work on it. If you want, as an author of the book you can give all credits to the artist or illustrator who has dedicated their time to fulfill the purpose of your book. This section is optional, and depends on how far people have been talking about your book.


There are times when the genre of the book is perceived with conflicts that give birth to counter arguments. This often leads to controversy on the internet. Again, like the illustrations this section only depends on the views your book has. If it has already encountered criticism, it will be talk of the town and then you certainly should include it to clarify and stabilize it with a neutral perspective.


You must know that some books have movies written after their publication, or shows and films based on those books. This is known as adaptation, so if you are making a Wikipedia page for a book you should include this area that will let people know about your exceptional and remarkable book points that is definitely a milestone in an author’s life.

How to create a Wikipedia page for an author and a book?

It is the time when all the working will be seen into practice. You have to undergo this integral process that will help you get a page of your dreams! Just begin with the first step and you are good to go.

1. Create Account

As simple as it sounds, just go to the home page of Wikipedia and sign up with your email and password. This will verify your profile and help you grow.

2. Notability and Research

With this enriching guide, you would be at ease because we have already derived massive pointers to guide you how you should go about the procedure, that applies to both creating a Wikipedia page for a book and for a page. Notability criteria also play a rigorous role here that we have already discussed with you before.

3. Content

Keeping in mind the writing styles, punctuation and other areas of work you are now supposed to frame an article that is based solely on your subject. Make sure to give your best, by following and implementing on Wikipedia rules respectively.

4. Proofread

Proofreading is not only restricted to check the errors in the write-up but to make sure if everything is included in the article such as citations and articles. You can also draft a checklist on the basis of the book or an author and check accordingly.

5. Submission and Approval

After scrupulously looking after the article, it is time to submit it and wait for the approval. Stay patient and courageous you will soon receive the revised version of your article that you should publish on your page.

To Sum Up

This guide is a thorough reflection of how a Wikipedia page for an author and a book should look like. If you want to make it a success, and then abide by all the regulations that are set by the platform.


Can anyone create a Wikipedia page for an Author?

To create a Wikipedia page for an author, you must be a registered user. The process is simple but it needs rigorous efforts on each interval.

Why do I need a Wikipedia page for my book?

There are vast reasons why you should have a Wiki page for your book, one of which is great recognition.

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