How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Artist: Full Guide

Wikipedia has become the top information platform. Never before has the world seen such a vast reserve of information. But, can the artists use it to their benefit?

Consider this: it is late December 2000 or early January of 2001, and you are scrounging for information on the internet. While you are finding material scattered around the internet with a few bursts of promising information, there is nothing solid. None of the information you find is worth your time or backed by a solid resource. Then, Wikipedia comes into existence on the 15th Of January in 2001. Fast forward the calendar a month, and in February, you have a fairly new platform with a lot of promise. With many of the experts allowed to add information on it, it is slowly becoming the primary platform. Speed up the clock, and 10 years later, it is the primary source of information. Known as the largest encyclopaedia in history, it leads the way for unbiased and non-opinionated information.

Today, Wikipedia is almost 20 years old and it allures many people towards it, particularly artists. Because it has become something that they need in the online world like they need air and water in real life. Why do artists need Wikipedia that bad? While we will talk about Wikipedia’s image and benefits later, it is needless to say that having a profile for an artist on Wikipedia grants you with unparalleled legitimacy. If a Wikipedia page can turn average tourist attractions into high revenue-generating grounds, then it can do a myriad of wonders for the artists. Before we get to it, let us understand how Wikipedia works.

How Wikipedia’s Modus Operandi

Before you begin your journey towards learning how to create an artist biography on Wikipedia, let us examine its method of operation. Wikipedia has a very intricate system with complex, yet easy policies. And by easy, it means easy to understand, not necessarily easy to follow. However, first, let us get it out of the way that Wikipedia articles can be edited by anyone. Wikipedia states that anyone “can be bold” and make amendments to existing articles on it.

Top Contributors

In the same article, Wikipedia states that retired males are the most common contributors to any and all addition of information. While the list also states that students, enthusiasts and insiders of major organizations are also partakers. Whereas some include spammers and vandals that Wikipedia carefully dubs “evil-doers.”

Policies & Guidelines

Wikipedia thoroughly presses the issue of people combining or mistaking one for another. They clarify this misconception thoroughly in a dedicated page for the difference between them. But, if you were to shortly summarize those, then you can say that in order for you to create artist Wikipedia page, you need to be credible and noticeable enough.

The Type Of Content That Wikipedia Features

Wikipedia features a variety of content. From biographies of famous personalities, celebrities, painters, writers, and other sort of artists, to pages of historical events, companies and brands. However, the variety matters little because of one strict Wikipedia guideline: unbiased and formal content. Which means no promotion, no marketing and just straight up facts.

Their policy strictly prohibits usage of any opinions or bias in the content. This is what they call NPOV, which is short for a neutral point of view. Another is verifiability, abbreviated to WP:V. Whereas the last one is WP:NOR, which is No original research. That means that none of your “claimed” information makes a difference unless it is verified by a renowned source. In this case, a verified news agency or a renowned personality. In either case, you are going to need resources to back up your information when you create an artist’s page on Wiki.

Marketing Value Of A Wikipedia Page For Artists

Now, the itch to understand how to make an artist’s Wikipedia page increase. Still, we are not yet beyond the point where we can understand if we should or should not. So, let us understand the reason behind it.

So far, we have established that Wikipedia is one of the most renowned platforms and singular dominating force in the internet world for information. For marketers, it has become a fight for getting their page approved. Not because it is difficult to make a page, but marketer often finds it difficult to create content without being biased. So, they have to do it very carefully to get over the line. Famous marketers like Jeff Bullas states that it grants you “prestige, authenticity and credibility.

Now, while he may be talking about businesses, where does an artist fit in? if you create a Wikipedia artist page, then not only are you gaining said prestige, authenticity and credibility, you are increasing the chances of developing your online persona. Because bear in mind, that an artist’s name in the online world is a brand. And you need it to gain all the SEO benefits that it can add to your arsenal.

Let’s Talk About The Policies (Again)

We know by this point that Wikipedia is credible, it has a marketing presence, it provides a myriad of benefits. But, what have we missed so far? We talked about the policies regarding content creation, but have we established the fact that you need to be notable enough to get a page on it? The policy dedicated page emphatically states that one needs to be “worthy of notice” in order to get a page on Wikipedia. So, what qualifies an artist for a Wikipedia page? For movie stars, they need to have been in enough movies that credit their name. For musicians, they need to be featured on national television or radio. As for painters and writers, they need to have their work published or exhibited.

How to become noticeable?

Let us say that you are noticeable enough in your trade, but how do you prove that to Wikipedia? The things you need to qualify you as notable are mentioned above, but if you are unable to provide it, then Wikipedia artist profile writers suggest that your page creation process might be in jeopardy. So, whether you hire Wikipedia artist profile writers or do it yourself, you need to build resourced.

How to build resources to create a Wikipedia page for an Artist?

The first thing you should do is get noticed by your target audience so that digital or print media recognizes your claim to fame. Because Wikipedia states that artists need to be “regarded as an important figure” or “widely cited by peers or successors.” So, what should you do next?

  • Give interviews to news outlets
  • Build social media following
  • Make an online presence, website, blogs etc.
  • Market your art and your name as a brand in your niche

Avoid Common Mishaps & Blunders

On the next phase of how to make an artist’s Wikipedia page, you need to ensure that you do not commit common blunders. Do not write your information with the sole purpose of marketing your name in your mind. Wikipedia has stricter guidelines and monitoring policies after their recent “clean-up” of bogus information adders. So, if any of your information turns out to be bogus or stretched from reality, say goodbye to your Wikipedia artists’ page.

What An Artist Is Going To Need

The first thing that you will need is a viable online profile to back you up. If we were to back this up, this is how it would look:

  • A noticeable or notable presence
  • Recognized by relevant platforms
  • Legal trademarks for artists (Look here for more on that)
  • Hire a Wikipedia artist profile writer (if you are unsure about content)
  • Look at other artist’s Wikipedia
  • Understand the guidelines about wiki for artist

So, if that is out of the way, the first thing you are going to need is a sense of right content for you. For example, while Wikipedia requires people to create content in the same way, the content form changes. Because the information on a profile for historical events would be much different than information about the artist’s page.

Therefore, it is imperative that you study the right format and formula before you dive in. It would help you understand the right structure, as well as the way to portray your achievements. Moreover, it is necessary to devise this plan in a way that thoroughly represents your profile in your art.

What Would It Cost If You Get It Made?

So far, you might have picked up on the fact that making a page on Wikipedia is not as easy as it seems. Now, those who know how to create an artist biography on Wikipedia make the most of their skill. Moreover, people are always finding Wikipedia artist page creation services to make the job easy. But then, what would it cost them?

The final cost can range anywhere between 400-800$ for a page with basic information. But, the more the information, the higher the price. So, the final cost of a page would be anywhere around 2,500$-3000$. Depending on the size of information and time taken to deliver it.

How To Create Artist Profile On Wikipedia

The first thing you need to make a Wikipedia for an artist is the article. If your article does not exist, then you are going to have to make one. But, first, the Professional Wikipedia Artists Profile Writers suggest that you practice by using the article wizard. It can help you thoroughly understand the process. So, if you feel ready to, then follow the process as mentioned below:

Sign Up

The first thing you need to do is head to the create an account page. From there, the simple sign-up process would seem pretty straight forward.

Become An Editor

After signing up, you need to get going with the editing process. It will help you become a viable editor, recognized by Wikipedia.

Create An Article

This step is as simple as they come. Professional Wikipedia Artists Profile Writers suggest that you will have to create an article if one does not exist in your name.

Create The Content

Now you need to compile all the information you gathered into one collective page of information. Make sure you edit all the fields correctly. In this case, the artist’s page would include biographical material such as the intro, then actual biography, career, work and references.

Cite Your Sources Carefully

You need to make sure the information that you cite on your artist page is thoroughly back linked.

Wait For Approval

As soon as you are done, the seemingly long period of wait begins. The time it takes to get a page approved is estimated to be around 3-4 weeks. However, it may take a shorter or longer amount of time depending on the length of information provided. But, if your information is rejected, then there is a whole process of making amendmets and resubmit it.

What Should You Do After Getting It?

Congratulations, now you have a page and know how to make an artist’s Wikipedia page. So, what happens now? Now you edit it and keep the material neat and clean of any rumours, spoilers or misinformation. So, the best way to go about is to maintain it frequently and get rid of any irregularities. In order to do that, make sure you check it regularly and edit any misinformation. In the event that someone meddles with your information, you can simply edit it back. Identifying you as the main author, Wikipedia makes it easier for you to edit those pages.

How do you create a Wikipedia page for an actor?

By following the same process as mentioned above. However, you will have to put additional information according to the length of the profiles and traits attributed to the actor’s name.

How do I get an artist’s Wikipedia page approved?

By ensuring that you follow all the guidelines and policies during the creation process. Moreover, you need to ensure the content is unbiased and all the source citations are in order. That way, you can almost guarantee your page’s approval.

How can one create an artist Wikipedia biography?

By following the process that this article mentioned. Yet, it depends on the type of personality that you wish to make the biography page for.

Would it cost a lot to make an artist Wikipedia page?

Artists Wikipedia Writing Services suggests that the price may vary depending on the information. But you should equip your pocket with at least 800$ and maximum around 3000$ to get a wiki page.

How long does it take to make an artist’s wiki page?

The usual time is at least 4-6 weeks, including all the processes such as sign up and content creation. However, it may vary according to your preparation.

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