How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

Do you often think, how can I make a Wikipedia page about myself? This is the question a lot of people have come across. People are required to make a Wikipedia page because of the credibility it has. Any person who touches the bar of being notable and can be referred to looks to make a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is one of the most visited, and used platforms and is ranked among the top 10 websites. There are billions of articles available in more than 325 languages. If one wants to be recognized it is the place to be.

How To Make a Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is among the most popular online platforms that is credited for its infinite information on every topic. It is the place where most famous people and businesses get space. They build their name to maintain a credible and notable name.

It is a powerful medium where there are celebrities, businesses, poets, etc. many people opt for making a Wikipedia page but they fail to do so. To make a Wikipedia page for yourself requires a series of steps to follow. Here are complete steps and helpful insights that can qualify for a Wikipedia page for yourself.

The Steps on How to Create a Wikipedia Page of Yourself

If you think how to create a Wikipedia page for myself? Follow and read steps thoroughly.

1.  Register To Make a Wikipedia A Page for Yourself

The first step into creating a Wikipedia page is to start with the registration process. Wikipedia has the process of signing up on their page through the registration process. The Wikipedia registration process is rather a simple process. Log onto the page and sign up. The sign-up process has very easy steps: just enter a username and make a unique password. Select the proffered language and an official account with your name will be created.

2.  Make A Good Online Reputation

Only a good name makes it to the Wikipedia page. Thus, it requires a positive reputation on the internet. Notability is the major factor to get approved for Wikipedia. To define notability,

Notability is a test used by editors to decide whether a given topic warrants its own article.

For a person who is worthy, has significant presence, is considered to be on Wikipedia is considered to be notable. Notability is a sense of being popular and an established practice. There should be valid content in the article about a person.

if there is an incident related to a person it is stated in a separate article. But if there is enough information they qualify for a page or otherwise an article for information is created.

3.  Read Every Wikipedia Policy and Guideline

Reading and understanding every Wikipedia policy is necessary. They are a community that describes the practices used by Wikipedia to qualify for making a Wikipedia page. Every policy should be applied and read through appropriately. Policies are normal standards that all users need to follow and should be applied using reason and common sense.

4.  Add Citations and external Links

Adding links and citations is a vital part to make sure the page is qualified. To create a Wikipedia page of yourself, citations must be added with the appropriate link. Citations need to be added with the format as defined by Wikipedia. All the sources must be referenced from secondary sources.  There are different types of citations Wikipedia has mentioned. Some of the types of citation are,

  • Full citation
  • Inline citation
  • General reference
  • In-text attribution

Citations are references that are used to confirm credibility and if there are is any content to be challenged can be proved with citations.

5.  Proofread And Format the Content

Reading and re-reading the content is necessary, it is important to be sure of everything re-reading allows the Wikipedia page creation process to qualify. Re-reading and proofreading are also done by editors who can read the content and make the required changes.

6.  Submit The Page

The submission phase is where the article is submitted to the Wiki authorities. They look after the page and check every detail of it. Sometimes they reply and ask to make some changes. The changes are necessary to make to get on Wikipedia.

7.  Keep Updating

After submission and publishing of the page, it needs to be updated. The editors may disparage the page. So, to avoid that, keep a check on your page.

The Writing Style to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

On the platform of Wikipedia to write an article, each section has their style of writing an article.  To get a Wikipedia page for yourself has to be followed with every guideline of Wikipedia.

1.  Tone

There is a fine line in writing a good Wikipedia article and ruining it. Thus, it is imperative to follow the writing style of Wikipedia. The article writing of a Wikipedia page has to be written responsibly. Be cautious and dispassionate at the same time. Do not opt for either an overstatement or understatement. Make sure the article has a partisan tone. In this matter, the secondary sources play a vital role and they are needed to be added to the article.

Everything that has been written and even something the person has also written and published is to be cited without undue weight. People are not to be labeled with contentious labels or loaded language or any term that lacks precision.

2.  Balance

Keeping a balance in writing criticism and praise is allowed but has to be one with a reliable source. It has to be presented in a disinterested and conservative tone. Do not give your opinion or view about a person. Keep the structure of the writing as per the guidelines, and every heading, topic, and subheadings has to be neutral.

To create a Wikipedia for yourself, beware of bias, and malicious and promotional content. At first, Wikipedia does not question any imbalanced article, but the rule does not apply to biographies. All the writing should be fair and up to the mark.

3.  Attack Pages

A page that is written to temper any person or created to disparage the person is taken down and should be deleted. Creation of such pages that are for bad faith are immediately taken down.

Applicability Of the Policy to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

If you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself, the editors will check and ponder upon its every detail. Wikipedia has defined its policies and guidelines under the section of Wikipedia: biographies of a living person. Thus, it is important to adhere to the policies given by Wikipedia. In a Wikipedia article everything has to be written in a well manner, high-quality and linked with reliable sources.

If you want to get a Wikipedia page for yourself, then make sure to follow the BLP rules. Each article has to be written with vigilance in regard to subject’s privacy. Wikipedia defines itself as an encyclopedia and not a tabloid. Therefore, the rules apply differently.

1.  Non-Article Space

Wikipedia does not support any content that is contentious to a person. Any content that is subjected to a poor source has to be removed or deleted. Be careful in writing about a person or posting too much information because that is a topic to be debated.  Any link that is to be questionable has to be removed.

2.  Usernames

Any name that is offensive in nature and directed toward a specific race, religion, or social group is disqualified. It is strictly prohibited to use the Wikipedia platform. Any person doing that is blocked or reported to, and suppressed from logs.

3.  Images

Images cannot be used to portray a person or anyone in the negative light. To specifically talk about police booking photographs are not allowed to be taken and shared. Police booking photos are a depiction of a person being convicted for a crime. If a picture is being put on, it has to be cited with reliable sources for fact accuracy check and must be cited with the photograph.

Things To Know in Making a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is clear in its policies and guidelines, here are some points that need to be considered to make a Wikipedia page of yourself.

1.  Neutral Point of View

On Wikipedia every article is written in good faith and is not for promotion or supporting anyone. Thus, every article is written from a neutral point of view and in fair proportion.

2.  No Original Research

Content to add to the article needs to be linked with sources and must not be original research. Wikipedia does not endorse the content if it is written by the writer itself or has no links to cite. Thus, every content must be taken from secondary sources. To cite and reference the article it must be surrounded by reliable sources. The reliable sources are collected from credible sources. Reliable sources are,

  • Journals
  • Textbooks
  • University textbooks
  • Magazines
  • eBooks
  • Government public records
  • Mainstream newspaper

3.  Verifiability

Verifiability is the process where the inline citations, and references can be verified. As Wikipedia does not allow original content, all the content from secondary sources must be from a neutral point of view. The sources must be in various sources and giving its every side due weight

4.  Depth Of Coverage

to create a Wikipedia page of yourself. the content needs to have depth. A little information and trivial knowledge do not contribute to make a Wikipedia page. cite the articles with great insightful links. Make sure the source has the required knowledge and is verifiable.

5.  Vandalism

Vandalism is another aspect that needs to be avoided in the page creation process. It is one of the things that have to be avoided. The Wiki authorities that are edited with a negative and false intention.

2Tips To Write a Perfect Article for Wikipedia

  • The article should have a proper structure.
  • It must have a great title so that it is found easily and linked
  • The subject of the article is clear in its meaning and everything is presented in a logical, appropriate and detailed structure.
  • The subject of the topic needs to have a clear description which explains everything accurately.
  • Content must be engaging, and an interesting approach should be used.
  • A proper standard of writing needs to be followed, including correct grammar, verbs, punctuation, and spellings.
  • Every detail requires to be mentioned such as maps, pictures, audio tracks, portraits, artwork, and interesting and understanding texts.
  • All relevant information has to be mentioned, such as; important information, and analysis on the subject without unnecessary details.
  • The article must have a neutral tone, an unbiased approach and is stable from every type of controversy.
  • There are verifiable sources and are well-documented.

Things To Avoid to Make a Wikipedia Page of Yourself

Following are things that Wikipedia asks to avoid while making a Wikipedia page. If a person is worthy of inclusion and you think that the notability is established, start making a Wikipedia page. Here are some points that need to be avoided to make a Wikipedia page for yourself.


Wikipedia strictly asks not to write an article to promote a person. in any article it is not suitable to attach external links of the person’s contributions. An article should not praise a person or their contribution in academics or entertainment.

Attacks On a Person or An Organization

Any writing that violates or hurts a person or a biography of a living person is not appreciated. Any threat or vandalism results in the deletion of the page.

Non-Notable Topics

The Wikipedia policies and guidelines revolve around Notability. An article that is not notable does not qualify for Wikipedia. Thus, make sure of the notability.

The Key Takeaways to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

Wikipedia is a place of credibility and is completely an encyclopedia. There are some features combined. On the other hand, it is not a collection of soapboxes, advertising platforms, and almanacs.

All the articles on Wikipedia are to be written fairly. Wikipedia promotes the rule of a neutral point of view, which is the major factor in making a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia characterizes issues rather than debating them. All the articles strive for accuracy, citing reliable sources and verifiability.

Wikipedia is an open-collaboration place and is open to everyone for editing. The platform provides a free license to edit, make changes or delete a page. Any editing and changes are made by following appropriate rules, policies, and copyright laws.

All the editors and contributors on Wikipedia behave with each other in a civil manner. They take part and contribute to the discussions through talk pages.


1. Who can create a Wikipedia page?

A Wikipedia page can be created by Wiki-experts. You can hire a Wikipedia page writer to write a perfect article. Wikipedia does not suggest that one should make their Wikipedia page as it initiates conflict of interest.

2. How can I create a Wikipedia page of myself?

If you want to create a Wikipedia, you need to establish notability. It is the basic criteria to make a Wikipedia page. you have to be significant and worthy of notice to be on Wikipedia.

3. How to get a Wikipedia page for yourself approved?

If you want to get a Wikipedia page of yourself, submit it to the Wiki authorities. The Wikipedia editors and contributors read through made additions, and approve the page.

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