Suggest Updates To Your Knowledge Panel On Google

Are you stressing over the suggestion for altering the new data on your Google Knowledge Panel? Well, you must not strain yourself with worry; however, keep reading to find out the solution for suggesting an update.

One of the most prominent search engines is Google; it allows you to collect information regarding anything or objects by writing the keyword on the search bar. It is a renowned platform to search for places, popular personalities, historical objects, and information regarding myths and cultures from millions of relevant and authorized websites.

According to live stats, around 40,000 search queries are in the process every second; whereas, Google is dominating the search engine market by 92.47% in January. To perform each task easily, Google comes up with a Knowledge Panel or knowledge graph. The side panel appears on every Google search page with brief information regarding the topic.


The Brief on A Google Knowledge Panel

Ensuring convenience and simple approaches to look through any information, Google provides simple browsing and surfing operations to its every user. Through a certain short or long-tail keyword or unstructured questions, Google provides you millions of relevant websites for your query, providing the top-ranking ones on the top searches. Therefore, you can observe the side panel better known as the Knowledge Panel, on every Google initial search engine page.

The Knowledge panel comprises a summary of the related page. Including introductory details of the place, renowned personality, or any location along with the Google map direction is stated in the Knowledge Graph. In case, you would like to know briefly regarding the renowned personality, you will witness the following measures in it.

jeff bezos

The Knowledge Panel starts with the images of the person at the top. On the bottom left of the image, you will witness the name of a person, along with his current or retired designation. Then comes the brief description of the person along with the source website. Continue list of information with left alignment; Date of birth, spouse, Net worth, Children, Education, and some other important information according to the person’s Wikipedia page or source website. With this, you can witness some popular quotes and icons of the social media profile of that personality for easy connectivity.

Here is a video to explain the brief introduction to the Google Knowledge Graph:

How To Update Google Knowledge Panel

Now, you must be wondering about how to update a Google Knowledge Panel without any hassle. Therefore, you must know some of the basic yet significant information regarding the update. When you are planning for an update, first you have to make sure Google verifies your page. After that, you have to make sure the information source file is credible and have relevant citations to prove. When Google is providing you with any information, it is the outcome from millions of authentic sources. To modify information on Google Knowledge Panel, you have to make sure that your page is verified through the correct source of information.

Source of Information –Wikipedia

One of the most credible and steadfast online encyclopedias for every individual is Wikipedia. Every day millions of readers and researchers obtain a bulk of information from this source. It is a platform with references and citations to hold the reader’s trust and loyalty together. With the help of Wikipedia guidelines and policies, an expert writer can update its information with shreds of evidence.

On Wikipedia, many people are dedicated to sharing their piece of information with an international audience and modify the information to keep the information fresh and reliable for the millions of readers. The authenticity of Wikipedia information can be maintained through the guidelines and strict rules and regulations.

For getting a Google Knowledge panel, you have to make sure you are active on Wikipedia. Once you have gained the trust and authorizations of Wikipedia, Google will allow you to have a Knowledge Panel on the Search Engine page.

How To Change Google Knowledge Panel

It is possible to change the Google Knowledge Panel information; however, you can plan to suggest the alteration. Here, you can get instructions on updating or modifying the information on the Knowledge Panel of Google.

  • Go to Google Search.
  • Sign in to your Google Account connected with the personality or article that you have written.
  • Monitor your web and app activity is working or turned on.
  • Look for your Knowledge Panel on Google and tap on the ‘suggest an edit’ tab, for updating the information.
  • Tap on the information that you need to edit, for multiple heading or parts you will be submitting suggestion edits for part individually. It will ensure that each suggestion is made carefully and correctly.
  • In this response, a dialogue box opens up. Write the information that includes
    • Statement for a suggested modification.
    •  Reason for replacing your suggestion with the original statement/information.
    • Include URLs for providing evidence for the suggested update.
  • Once you are done with suggesting an update, check the information carefully and tap the ‘send’ button.

Brief On Updating Specific Topics Or Headings

If you have multiple suggestions on a single Knowledge Panel on Google, you must look for the following information to assist you in updating relevant information.

Suggestion on features image

If you are suggesting a featured image for your Knowledge Panel on Google, you have to make sure the image is appropriate to represent the information as well as have a credible source or copyright. To update a featured image you have to connect yourself with Google Knowledge Panel first. Select a button ‘suggest a change’ to copy the image URL directly. Here you must be careful while copying the image address (you must not copy it from the web browser, where it appears). On the other hand, if you already have a post on Google regarding the image, click on that featured image.

You must note the requirements of an image:

  • Format: The image URL must be in .jpg/.JPEG or .PNG format
  • Size: The required size of an image is a 3:4 aspect ratio size
  • Visibility: If it is the image of a person or animal, it must be clear and visible in the Knowledge Panel for the audience
  • Logo file: For the logo, you must use either .SVG file or .PNG file format.

Suggestions on Title of the Topic

In the Knowledge Panel of Google, you first see the title of the topic. It explains the entire topic, which can be name, place, tool, or anything. It is not possible to change the title without any strong reason and evidence, as the title is generated automatically.

Suggestions on Social Profiles

Authorized entities will allow you to suggest the inclusion of the new, or modifying existing social profiles.

How Google Reviews Your Single Or Multiple Suggestions

Google is a renowned and authentic platform for offering searches for millions of websites and other sources. When you are suggesting one or multiple suggestions for updating the Knowledge Panel, Google takes those suggestions for review. It goes through multiple references you have placed and check the accuracy and authenticity of the information by various other multiple sources. Once the suggestion is approved by Google policies and feedback of users, it will be placed in your Knowledge Panel or Knowledge Graph.

How do I update my Google Knowledge panel?

Some of the following steps will help you get your Google Knowledge Panel update correctly.

  • Go to the Google search page.
  • Sign in to your Google account linked with an article you epitomize
  • Make sure your web and application activity is working actively
  • Search for your article on Google and find its Knowledge Panel
  • Now click on the information you want to modify

What is a Knowledge Panel on Google?

On the Google initial search engine page, you may find a side panel with a summary of the person, place, or any entity you are searching for in the knowledge graph. It can be considered as brief information regarding the topic or keyword you are searching for. This panel is generated automatically, through multiple websites and other authoritative sources. If you have generated the Knowledge panel, with an easy claiming option, you can update or modify the information easily.

Why did my Knowledge Panel disappear?

When you have mentioned information highly credible in your sources, it will appear on the Google search engine page. However, with the passage of time and information, your credibility may have lost its value; therefore, it is your Google knowledge page not appearing anymore.

Wrap Up:

A Knowledge Panel on Google supports you in increasing your credibility on Google as well as on several other websites. It allows your verified information to be read by millions of Google users. Once you take control of your Google account, you can easily update the Knowledge Panel information by suggesting the change with evidence and references. These references and Google Knowledge Panels assist you in creating a credible identity in the digital industry. Remain focus on your suggestions and while creating a Knowledge Panel, so that you can have approvals by Google authorized people.

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