How To Create An Artist Profile On Amazon Music

The Amazon Music for artist app was launched back in 2020 that provides a great avenue for artists to upload their music and enhance their recognition. The platform facilitates artist and their teams to interact with the music community and to present their tracks to a wider audience. It’s a platform where every talented artist would wish to get on.

Amazon Music For Artists

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Amazon Music is found on both the two platforms IOS and Android. The app offers a wide range of streaming facilities to users and a deep insight into the artist’s listeners. The platform accounts for more than 60 million listeners from across the globe. Amazon Music for Artist is a dedicated app version for artists to use. The best part about the platform is that it offers a company site that teaches the artist and their teams about smart ways to gain more outcomes through their Amazon account. They can learn about the best practices and resources to increase their online reach. Not only this, the information provided by Amazon Music keeps on updating every 24 hours.

Features of Amazon Music App For Artist

Amazon Music App For Artist

Amazon Music provides users with a broad range of features, which are listed below:

  • Provides access to success metrics that include Daily Voice Index
  • Provides a fan insights tab to help artists focus on the top and active listeners
  • Facilitates with custom data to allow efficient tracking and performance analytics

Each feature Amazon Music provides has a purpose to benefit the artist. Through the success metrics, the users can get the illustration of how their tracks are performing along with monitoring the voice requests by albums, songs, lyrics and artists. Moreover, the fan base tab gives the insight to discover the top listeners to keep them closer and to suggest to them the genre of music they prefer. Lastly, with the help of a custom filter, one can monitor whichever section of their account they want.

How To Create An Artist Profile On Amazon Music

To create an artist profile on Amazon Music you need to first follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to Play Store or App Store
  • Search for the Amazon Music For Artist app
  • Open the app and click on the button “create an account”
  • The field will ask you to fill in the details and an email address
  • Set a strong password and voila, your account is ready.

When you create an account on Amazon Music there will be a field to select whether you are a listener, an artist or a company. When you select either the company or the artist option, the platform would want you to verify the account. So, it’s not only about knowing how to create an artist profile on Amazon Music you will also have to learn how to claim it.

Steps to Claim the Amazon Music Artist Profile

Just like other music platforms, Amazon Music for Artist requires the users to claim their profile. You need to get it verified before using and accessing the controls. You need to claim your profile picture, the record labels you entered, the album you have uploaded and everything else. To do that follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to your app
  • Navigate to the verification tab
  • Fill in the details of your music company
  • Enter valid references and documents that show your authenticity
  • Refer Links to of platforms that shows your work
  • Once you are done click the button “submit profile”
  • Wait to receive the confirmation email

That’s how you get your account verified effortlessly. Once you have claimed it, you can access the app through your Artist’s Amazon Music account.

How to Promote Your Amazon Music Profile

Once you are through creating an Amazon account you wonder what’s next? Well, there are two things involved here first is to learn how to use the account properly to dig out fruitful outcomes and the next step is to learn about smart online promotion of your account. So, let’s discuss the latter one.

To promote your account or the artist profile you need to utilize the features and power of certain leading platforms as mentioned below:

·         Create a Facebook Account

You need to be on Facebook as it has the highest user count among the many social media platforms. Through Facebook you can reach out to the wider audience group. You can interact with your listeners and show them where to access your music easily.

·         Create a YouTube Account

When you create a YouTube account, you tend to unlock an avenue to explore greater insights into the music industry particularly in your genre. You can expand your horizon easily and garner attention to navigate the listeners to your Amazon Music account.

·         Create a Wikipedia Page

The next thing is to create a Wikipedia account for an artist. By doing so, you tend to give a greater exposure to the artist and engage a wider audience base. You can incorporate authentic information and create a captivating Wiki page that can increase the online recognition and visibility thus helping you to increase the traffic on your Amazon Music account as well.

How Amazon Music For Artist Works

The industry is improvising and advancing with there a time to take necessary and fast-paced steps to score success. With the help of Amazon Music App, you do not have to wait for the music distributors you can simply upload your tracks the moment it gets ready. Apart from this, the platform comes with a bundle of features that makes management and monitoring easier and simpler.

·         Daily Voice Index

The feature tells the artist about the number of times their audience has asked for their music through Alexa. As you know, it’s hard to remember the name of the track so why not sing it to Alexa and let the AI bot find it for you. So, with thins features it’s easier to access your music.

·         Fans and Super-Fans

With the Fans features, you get a detailed insight into how many of them have downloaded your tracks, made purchases and interacted with your account. You can even get to know your most loyal fans and listeners.

Can you create different profiles on Amazon music?

You can enjoy up to six different streams. Subscribers have the access to invite and delete followers.

How do I claim my artist profile?

To claim your artist profile you have to access the app and fill in the details along with the needed records for verification.

Does Amazon Prime Music pay artists?

Amazon Music offers a rough estimate of $5,000 for 1 million plays of a song. It can be more depending upon the recently revised policy.

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