How to Become a Famous Model on Bitlife

BitLife is a blessing in disguise. You may be thinking why it is a blessing and why the disguise? Well, it is a game that allows you to be whomever you ever wished of. It is a blessing because it lets you become everything you desire, want to become an actor? A musician? A teacher? A dancer? You can be it all and get to feel the fame of the profession. We called it a disguise because it makes all your dream come true but just in a game. Nonetheless, you at least experience how it feels to be famous.

Moreover, the game is not bounded by getting you fame; you can also go to jail if you do something unethical or something that is against the law. The game makes you choose the professions you like, you can learn how to be a cook, how to be a YouTuber, or how to be a Famous Model on BitLife, etc.

BitLife and Modeling Career

The usual BitLife career has to go through certain steps and stages of life, the chain might change a bit different on the basis of the life choices you have made previously. The steps of how to become a famous model on BitLife are as follows.

  1. Be Specific In Your Character Selection
  2. Choose the Right Name, City, and Country
  3. Check the Characteristics of a Famous Model
  4. Get Proper Education and Participate in School Activities
  5. Create a Wikipedia Page for Popularity
  6. Find the Relative Jobs Until You Get the Desired One

1.      Be Specific in Your Character Selection

Although the app does not discriminate on the basis of gender but it is preferable if you choose to be a female character than a male. Because females have a high orientation with fashion and modeling, there are higher chances you can become a model earlier than a male character.

Nonetheless, you can choose to be a male character as well and decide your ways accordingly for the modeling career. In fact, you can easily shift characters in the new life you create for another career.

2.      Choose the Right Name, City, and Country

It is important to give yourself a name, which is fancy, unique, and most importantly attractive. A name that can go a long way and can lead you to a successful modeling career. Therefore, avoid any usual or common name you can ever think of.

After the name, choose your resident city wisely; make sure you choose metropolitan cities because modeling is promoted in huge cities rather than small towns. The next step is to choose your country, select a country that accepts the profession whole-heartedly; countries in Europe and America are more likely to be open to the profession than most of the eastern countries.

3.      Check the Characteristics of a Famous Model

Once you have chosen everything correctly, the next step is to know what characteristics a model needs. It is a very important and crucial step in how to become a famous model on BitLife because if you mess this up, you might not get the profession.

For instance, for a model, the requirements are; good looks, happiness, health, and smartness. You need to score at least above 90% in all of these features to have higher chances of becoming a famous model. If you score lower than 90% in any of these, chances are, you will not get the career.

4.      Get Proper Education and Participate in School Activities

Education is the key element needed for any profession and for a model to be famous; he/she must be educated. You need to finish your elementary school with good grades and good mental health. Participate in school activities, festivals, and sports to get a higher score in health and fitness.

High school is equally important, you have to be an active student of the school, participate in extra-curricular activities, and indulge in school projects to increase your IQ and activeness status. Also along with that, go to school trips; go to salons with your friends to increase the beauty score of your character.

5.      Create a Wikipedia Page for Popularity

The app will give you the options of appearing on any social site or online web, you can choose to be on Wikipedia and create a Wikipedia profile page for a model for yourself. The page will increase your net worth and will make you meet different people from the industry as well.

6.      Find the Relative Jobs until You Get the Desired One

The first job is yet another important step of how to become a famous model on BitLife. Remember, you will not become a supermodel when you come straight out of school. You have to work for it and earn it with your heard work and dedication.

For a starting job, you can be a foot model at the age of 18. When you grow up, you will be getting jobs for becoming a hand model, then probably a catalog model, and at last, after continual career upgrade, you will become a runway model and eventually a supermodel. Keep in mind you have keep the score for health, good looks, happiness, and smartness high for your modeling career throughout.

BitLife and its Association with Real Life

You do not get to choose a profession randomly; you have to go through proper channels and age limits to get the job. It is just like real life, you are born, you go to school, you go to college, you meet the love of your life, you make major life decisions, etc. In the game, you have to abide by all the responsibilities of your life.

Life in BitLife goes exactly like that of a human; except for you can restart it anytime you feel depressed. You can go on vacation and holidays. All of the features the app provides are not for fun only, of course, they exist for entertainment purposes but all of these add up to your overall BitLife personality.

The app has crossed records of installation on iOS and on Android phones because of its attractive and innovative features.

Can I choose to be any character I want?

Yes, you can definitely become whatever you want to. All you have to do is fulfill the requirement list and get the scores high in the specific areas needed for your profession.

What if I do not like the character anymore?

You can always shuffle the character and start plover the game. Make as many characters as you want until you start to like them.

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