How Much Does It Cost To Maintain a Wikipedia page

How Much Does It Cost To Create or Get a Wikipedia Page

The answer is that it depends. It can begin at $250 and go upwards of $3000. So, it all comes down to the size of your company, as well as the amount of work required. Such as building resources, for which you would have to pay about $500-$1000. Therefore, you should be expecting the bill of at least $1500-$2500 to register your business on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is the world’s largest lexicon and the largest collaboratively compiled collection of free knowledge in more than 300 languages. Wikipedia is currently the largest online reference work and is the fifth most visited website in the world. Wikipedia was founded in 2001 with the aim of creating a freely accessible online encyclopedia. The content of Wikipedia is compiled, prepared and made available by volunteers. They can be used freely by everyone. Wikipedia is not subject to the limitations of classic encyclopedias in terms of scope and topics; Rather, Wikipedia combines encyclopedia with specialist dictionaries. If you enter a search term or a keyword in the Wikipedia search, you will be shown the appropriate article (if a corresponding article is available).

Price or Cost to Maintain a Wikipedia page for Business?

Creating and managing a Wikipedia page is a time taking task that requires a professional approach. Without proper knowledge and expertise, one cannot handle the major issues that appear while creating a wiki page. The cost of Wikipedia page usually depends on the quality of the content and the research that has to be carried out. It may cost you $300 to $3000 depending on the niche.

Furthermore, in Wikipedia, the knowledge contained here is freely available to everyone. The contents (texts, images) are under so-called “free licenses”. A free license regulates the continued use of Wikipedia content as a collaborative working basis. This means that everyone may use, distribute and change the content of Wikipedia as long as the origin (author, source) is linked or named and changed versions of the content are only published under the license mentioned above. Using the citation function of an article or applications, such as the license notice generator. Source and license information, texts and images from Wikipedia can be correctly specified when re-used in accordance with the license conditions.

Wikipedia is based on the wiki principle. The wiki principle means that everyone can and may participate in Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not have a classic editorial structure, but is created free of charge in a wiki by volunteer authors. This is made possible by the free software MediaWiki. All users have the opportunity to participate by correcting and adding to existing articles or even creating new ones. The underlying idea is collaborative work on content. This type of joint knowledge production is made possible by the four basic principles and fixed rules that everyone should adhere to. Conflicts within the community are solved by administrators.

Opportunities to Participate

Wikipedia offers its users many opportunities to participate. They can discuss, quote, correct or edit articles. Additions are made by adding images or web links. It is helpful that you can see all edits to an article from the beginning via the version history. If authors would like to exchange ideas about an article, there is the discussion page, which can also be viewed by everyone.make

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In addition, there are helpful tips for better structuring and understandability of an article at Wikipedia:

Style and practicality

  • Is the article written factually?
  • Is the article only descriptive or does it appeal to the reader?
  • Does the article consist of complete sentences?
  • Does the article contain grammatical or spelling errors?


  • Is the article written in a factual, neutral tone?
  • Are different points of view presented?
  • Is the presentation balanced?
  • Does the article leave it open to the reader to choose a point of view or does the article make recommendations?


  • Does the article contain contradictions?
  • Does the information seem believable, or is it exaggerated or unrealistic?
  • Does the information in the article contradict what you’ve learned elsewhere?


  • Is the origin of the knowledge indicated?
  • Is there an extensive literature list or list of sources at the end of the article?
  • Is the information complete or is there missing information on the specialist literature used?
  • Can statements be made about the trustworthiness of the specialist literature used?
  • In particular, have doubtful statements been made?

How Reliable is Wikipedia?

The principle on which Wikipedia is based is simple that every user can edit, improve or even add articles on Wikipedia. However, only those edits are retained that have the approval of experienced authors. As a rule, the operators of Wikipedia do not intervene in “ongoing operations” and instead rely on the self-organization of the Wikipedia community.

Because everyone has the opportunity to contribute to Wikipedia, there are complex rules and roles without which the community would not function and the quality of the articles could not be guaranteed.

The openness of Wikipedia also brings with it vandalism, which is understood to mean willfully inserted inappropriate content in Wikipedia. Wikipedia authors with sifter status take on the thankless task of eliminating this vandalism. The original texts are usually restored within minutes.

The peculiarity of the way Wikipedia is created makes it a never-ending project that is constantly being improved, expanded and updated. So that the quality of Wikipedia does not suffer as a result of contributing, there are the rules already mentioned for authors.

With a few tips and a little experience, one can learn to evaluate the quality of Wikipedia articles correctly, because there are also quality differences within Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia page creation is a complex task. Our Wikipedia page maker and editors are highly experienced and qualified and know how to tackle all the issues that appear while creating a wiki page.

It is therefore necessary to be able to assess for yourself how reliable the articles there are. Basically, Wikipedia is well suited for getting started with research, but it should not be the only and last source that is accessed and specified on a topic. When citing, it is generally advisable to refer to primary rather than secondary sources, the latter including Wikipedia.

How Do You Research with Wikipedia?

Wikipedia offers a quick introduction to research. Ideally, Wikipedia offers an easily understandable overview that enables initial access to the topic. Using the search function, you first enter the appropriate keyword for the research. The search system suggests articles as you enter them. Once you have selected the right article, you will receive various information on the topic. From the table of contents of the Wikipedia article, you can immediately see which focal points of the topic are being dealt with and you can jump directly to the desired section. At the end of a Wikipedia article there is literature and sources, web links and individual references. Using the references users can access additional sources of information and thus deepen their research.

Thematic Search

Research on a specific topic can also be carried out via the topic portals. There is also an overview of major topics on the start page. To find other topic portals, select “Topic Portals” from the navigation menu on the left and click one level further within a topic area. So you can read more and more about a broader subject area. You can also turn to our Wikipedia page creator to know more about the Wikipedia page and its importance.

Citation Function

If you want to quote something from a Wikipedia article, there is a function “Cite article” for the respective article in the left navigation menu under “Tools” on all article pages. This citation aid contains information and guidelines for correct citation, a simple quotation and a bibliographical reference to the article in question. Unlike in printed reference works, Wikipedia articles can be changed at any time. It is therefore important to always state the exact date of access. Based on the version history of the article, all changes to the article can be traced at any time.

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